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Relationship Coaching – Knowing Who You Are Part II with One Source

www.onehopeonesource.com Pre-Marital Counseling Greensboro NC. Life Coach Greensboro NC. Relationship Coach Greensboro NC Our focus is to teach, coach, and mentor those that are ready to… Update brought to you by www.timmilne.com/shop – follow me on twitter @timmilne – https://twitter.com/TimMilne…
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Spiritual Hypnotherapy – Advice from the Soul, Angels and Beings

Spiritual journeys with the aid of Hypnosis are not new. Past Life Regression, Soul Journeys, Life between Lives . . This is a direct approach for people to connect to their source of Higher… Update brought to you by www.timmilne.com/shop…
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16 – NLP Session – Spiritual growth and confidence building thru deep breathing exercises

Reducing drama in life and striving towards happiness and more joy in life. By reducing the drama, we see thru the stress, and grow towards confidence and clarity in the social situations we… Update brought to you by www.timmilne.com/shop –…
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