Alien Abductions, Trauma & Past Life Regression – Julie Poole, Hypnotherapist

Find out more at: http://www.timmilne.com/alien-abductions-trauma-past-life-regression-julie-poole-hypnotherapist/

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How Hypnosis Can be used to Achieve Superhuman Abilities – Julie Poole Julie Poole – Consultant Hypnotherapist : specializing in trauma, abuse and anxiety, working with clients suffering from…

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How to be More Open-Minded

Find out more at: http://www.adam-eason.com/how-to-be-more-open-minded/

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Open-minded is something I think comes with the territory when you work in the hypnosis field as a hypnotherapist and hypnotherapy trainer. I instruct and request my clients, students and attendees to adopt an open-mind as a prerequisite to my courses, seminars, books, lectures or one-to-one sessions. Why would I do that? What does it […]

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Brian Tracy in Khmer – 4 Mistake You Should Grateful #SuccessReveal

Find out more at: http://www.timmilne.com/brian-tracy-in-khmer-4-mistake-you-should-grateful-successreveal/

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In this video we want to show you 4 Mistake You Should Grateful by Brian Tracy in Khmer. #SuccesReveal ✮Brian Tracy in Khmer – 4 Mistake You Should Grateful 1. Choose a job you don’t love…

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Find out more at: https://www.nlpcoaching.com/newsletter-257/

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Welcome to a fresh new week!! January 2018 continues to charge onwards bringing with it more exciting new developments for the TJC and our amazing community of students and graduates. Our Master Trainer Program is in the final stages of its revamp where Drs. Adriana & Tad James have been creating and fine tuning the […]

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